Day 1 of residency: a historic day for my life

Historic day in a sense that I was the first intern to leave in any residency in the country. I had  two patients and one of which was discharged today. Our whole team had 7 patients,  a 3rd year student, a sub-intern,  myself, 2 rising psych PGY2's,  a rising  medicine PGY3, and, of course, an… Continue reading Day 1 of residency: a historic day for my life

“Global Health Elective” in Bengaluru, India

Itinerary: Bengaluru, Coorg, Goa Highlight of the past two weeks: Too many to count Bengaluru, India is the city that 4 4th year medical students are "working." It has a metropolitan population of 8 million, which is 3rd most populous city in India; it is called the "Silicon valley of India" because of the numerous… Continue reading “Global Health Elective” in Bengaluru, India